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5 Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

1) The bathroom of my dreams would include...

If you can't remember the last time you took a bath, a jetted tub would be a waste of space and money. Make a list of your wishes. Number your list by importance.

2) Ask yourself: how does the existing layout work for me?

You love having the vanity where it is, but you've been dreaming of a sink all to yourself. A double vanity may be possible without major demo. Consider the rooms major features as well as the minor ones. Perhaps it drives you crazy that there's only one electrical outlet.

3) Establish a budget.

Cosmetic changes can be low budget and a short-term project. A complete gut may require a loan. Decide what's best for you financially. Don't forget to plan for tough situations. Once you start to crack through that old tile or take a sledgehammer to a wall, you may uncover water or mold problems.

4) Design with resale in mind.

We all have our own personal tastes but a bathroom remodel is a big investment - one you want to pay off in the end. When choosing tiles, sinks and lighting think "timeless." (If you must have bright colors or extravagant features limit yourself to a chandelier or fun towels.)

5) Consult an expert.

If your makeover is small-scale and consists of paint and new fixtures, it's still smart to call a professional. Not only can they they keep your plans on budget, they usually offer insider tricks to find great deals. When it comes to plumbing and wiring, call around and get a few estimates.

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