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Advantages to buying a home in the winter

1. There are fewer buyers.

Fewer buyers = less competition. Less competition means it's unlikely you'll encounter a bidding war. Plus, sellers will be more eager to work with you.

2. Deals!

The laws of supply and demand mean if you’re shopping in the winter when others are hibernating, you’re likely to get a better price on your dream home. Your odds of finding a home for a reasonable price are more likely if there are fewer offers. If the home has been on the market for a long time, the seller may be motivated to come down on price.

3. You know what you’re getting

Winters can be harsh on homes and sometimes when we see homes during the warmer months we don’t experience critical components - like drafty windows!

Buying a home in the spring or summer has benefits because you can see the landscaping and great curb appeal, but winter temperatures are a true test of functionality.

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4. More attention

The spring and summer seasons are incredibly busy. While the team at Flanagan Chandler Realty Group is prepared throughout the year to offer top notch service, there are other factors to consider:

- Lenders will have more time to process paperwork

-Sellers have fewer offers and will traditionally accept quicker

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