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Easy, effective tips to prepare your home for sale

The market is hot, and it’s time to sell! Preparing a house for sale may seem daunting, but there are a few basic tips that will ensure your home is ready and attractive for buyers. Minor repairs and a good deep cleaning will go a long way. Remember: you don't want to give buyers any reason not to put in an offer.

Don’t ignore the little things. If your kitchen faucet is a bit leaky, repair it yourself or hire a professional. Buyers have a tendency to overestimate the cost of repairs.

Make your home inviting and bright. Your landscaping is your first impression, and you only get to make it once. Trim shrubs and apply fresh mulch for a fresh look.

When you are ready to show, make sure you don’t skimp on the cleaning. A clean home is a well cared for home, and that’s what buyers want.

Lighting is key! Open blinds, clean the windows and make sure your floors sparkle.

Use the checklist below and best of luck!

  • Up your curb appeal

  • Pull weeds

  • Trim overgrown shrubs

  • Mow lawn

  • Fresh mulch

  • Repaint or wash front door


  • Simplify wall décor

  • Repair tack/nail holes

  • Choose fresh neutral colors


  • Remove extra furniture

  • Unclutter kitchen counters

  • Steam clean carpets

  • Wash windows

  • Clean baseboards

  • Organize desks, shelves (pack what you can)

  • Use air fresheners

Small repairs

  • Replace broken/old light bulbs

  • Repair torn screens

  • Hire a professional if needed

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