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Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips!

Well, folks, it’s time to admit it. Winter is nearly here. There are so many great things to love about winter in New England: a sparkling fresh coat of snow, skiing, snowmobiling, warm fires, the holidays...oh, and the kids building snowmen!

But as a homeowner, it’s also a time to remember that a well-prepared home makes those cold winter months comfortable and easier on the budget.

Here are a few things the experts recommend:

1. First, conduct an energy audit. You may be surprised that small, inexpensive changes can make a BIG difference.

2. Use what nature provides! Open curtains on windows that are in direct sunlight, and

then close them at night to reduce the chill you may feel.

3. Older windows may need to be replaced, but short-term, inexpensive solutions exist too. Use plastic film to cover drafty frames. Insulating drapes or shades are also helpful.

4. Don’t keep an empty home too toasty. Did you know that setting your thermostat to change 10° to 15° when you aren’t home can save you 10% on your yearly heating and cooling bill?

5. Control leaks. Some of the most common areas for air leaks include areas around pipes, gaps around chimneys, and around recessed lights. Your energy audit will help locate your problem areas.

6. Regularly maintain your heating system. Call an expert at the start of the season to ensure everything is working properly.

7. And finally, holiday lighting is pretty, but it may be time to invest in new decorations! LED lights do make a difference!

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